This Friday 15th March we are turning the Exam Hall at Trinity College into the most stunning picture house you’re ever likely to see!

We’ve partnered up with St. Patrick’s Festival and RTE’s Shortscreen for this very special one-off showcase of short films.

As part the ‘I Love My City’ programme, we launched an open submission inviting creatives and film makers to tell us not only why, but how we love the places we call home, through animation, documentary, drama or experimental film.

The selection of short films screening on Friday represents the things that make us great and the talent & passion our country inspires. As always, the event is completely free and there’ll be some goodies to take home with you!

Aaaaaand the selected shorts for the I LOVE MY CITY short film screening are by the very talented *deep breath* Shimmy Marcus, Damien O’Connor, Olivia James, Wissame Dõ Cherfinho, Sean & Brian at Souljacker, Kathryn Kennedy, Cian McRoss Whitaker, Gavin Fitzgerald & Ben Keenan

Thanks to everyone who submitted and we’re looking forward to seeing y’all at the screening on March 15th!