What is Eat My Shorts?


Eat My Shorts is a series of independently run short film events. Our focus is to provide a non-competitive platform for emerging and established film makers in an environment that lends itself to community and creative interaction.
Since June 2010, we have held independent screenings, totally free & complete with complimentary popcorn, soda and other treats as well as guest screenings at great events like Darklight Film Festival, The Beatyard, Castlepalooza & St. Patrick’s festival.
Aside from showcasing great film talent, we’re all about the atmosphere and this has led us to screenings in a huge country ball room, the back of a black cab, top of a double decker bus & the stunning Trinity College exam hall! The entire idea behind Eat My Shorts is to create an accessible platform to promote our local and not-so-local film talent.


Eat My Shorts was lovingly conceived by student film maker Suri Grennell and graphic designer, Dermot Collins. Both felt that after spending innumerable hours and hard earned euros working on projects, it was a waste not to have them seen by the whole city. After complaining at length about this we realised we weren’t the only ones that felt the weight of this injustice and set about to right the wrong.